is a Complementary Feeding Stuff for use in animal nutrition. It contains biologically active components which counteract a wide range of mycotoxins present in feed by binding them into inactive or unavailable forms.

UltraSorb – Mycotoxin Deactivator

UltraSorb® is a species-specific product-line developed to reduce the impact of mycotoxins on livestock production and health.

The Challenge

Mycotoxins are poisons that contaminate animal feed as a result of naturally occurring secondary metabolic processes in moulds growing on the feed. Mycotoxins pose a serious threat to the health and productivity of animals. The economic damage caused by mycotoxins is often considerable for pig, poultry as well as cattle.

UltraSorb® - Mycotoxin Deactivator product line:

A fundamental principle of UltraSorb is to BIND, TRANSFORM and DEGRADE. A blend of highly adsorbent materials binds a wide range of mycotoxins and their derivatives to render them harmless to the animal. Biologically-active ingredients transform the molecular structure of difficult to bind mycotoxins to improve binding efficacy. Biologically active ingredients degrade mycotoxins into smaller less toxic molecules making them easier to bind. A unique blend of essential oils to promote palatability and protect against the adverse effects of toxin-forming moulds e.g. Aspergillus that may be present in feed.


source micronbio-systems