orgacell sc®

At a glance

orgacell sc® is a premium complementary feedstuff consisting of a probiotic and a prebiotic yeast component. A small amount of vegetable oil ensures low dust properties as well as excellent flowability.


20 kg bag


orgacell sc® is mixed into the daily feed ration along with other dry components.


Use 20 g per animal (dairy cows and fattening bulls) per day.

Yeast supports animal health

A yeast cell’s outer layer possesses a network structure with a high binding capacity. Administering 500 g of yeast per tonne of feed will result in an absorbant surface equaling the size of several hectare. Heavy metals, pathogenic germs and toxins can be bound to the yeast’s cell wall. This way, they will be excreted instead of getting into the bloodstream. In addition, cell wall substances stimulate the immune defence.

This does not only support the body’s immune defence, but also results in a higher content of immunoglobulin in the dairy cow’s milk. Thus, in a manner of speaking, the dam’s improved health status is passed down to the calf.

Yeast has positive effects in the animals’ digestive tract

The “prebiotic“ effects of inactivated yeast refer to positive yet passive effects on the microbial population already residing inside the animal. The better the useful microbes in rumen and intestine are supported with nutrients, vitamins etc., the better the feed conversion and the healthier the animal. More...

source Jbs